Arboretum Trails

The Chesapeake Arboretum trail system, color-blazed and wood-chip mulched throughout, encompasses approximately 45 acres and is some 3.5 miles (5.6 kilometers) in total length. It is maintained largely in part by volunteers.

Download a copy of the Arboretum Trail Map (PNG)!

Trail Blaze Colors

  • White blazes: Central Loop
  • Yellow blazes: North Loop (Urban Forestry Trail)
  • Orange blazes: South Loop
  • Blue blazes: Lake Hughes side trail
  • Red blazes: Native Tree Trail
  • Green blazes: Camellia Cove side trail
  • Purple blazes: Trail Entrances and Connectors

A perennial stream (named "Starr Run" in recognition of the infrastructure contributions of Jack Starr) meanders throughout the trail system and is crossed by a total of 11 wooden bridges. Towards the southern end of the trail system is our Tree Propagation Nursery and Utility Line Experimental Arboretum.