Notice of Termination

  1. The following conditions must be met, if applicable, in order to terminate CGP coverage:
    1. Necessary permanent control measures included in the SWPPP for the site are in place and functioning effectively and final stabilization has been achieved on all portions of the site for which the operator is responsible. When applicable, maintenance agreements for permanent control measures shall be recorded in the local land records prior to the submission of a notice of termination;
    2. Another operator has assumed control over all areas of the site that have not been finally stabilized and obtained coverage for the ongoing discharge;
    3. Coverage under an alternative VPDES or state permit has been obtained; or
    4. For residential construction only, temporary soil stabilization has been completed and the residence has been transferred to the homeowner.
  2. For projects which were required to register for CGP coverage; until CGP coverage is terminated, all conditions of the CGP will be enforced, including required SWPPP availability, updates, and self-inspections.
  3. The Notice of Termination should be submitted to the City of Chesapeake Civil Permits Office no later than 30 days after one of the above conditions are met. The City will have up to 60 days to act upon the Notice of Termination.
  4. The Notice of Termination form along with instructions can be found on the DEQ website or at: 
  5. Development and Permits Civil Permits Office
    Chesapeake City Hall, 3rd Floor
    306 Cedar Road 
    Chesapeake, Virginia 23322
    Phone: 757-382-6101
    The Notice of Termination form must include an ink signature.
  6. The Notice of Termination form can be submitted by mail, in person, or email Somer Dimaya.
    City of Chesapeake Department of Development and Permits
    Civil Permits Office
    Chesapeake City Hall, 3rd Floor
    306 Cedar Road
    Chesapeake, Virginia 23322