Driveway Entrance Permit

  1. Driveway Entrance Permit Diagram Opens in new windowA proposed driveway entrance to include the replacement of an existing entrance requires a Driveway Entrance Permit.
  2. If a residential building permit is obtained for a new home, then a Driveway Entrance Permit will be issued along with the building permit by the Department of Development and Permits, 2nd floor, City Hall.
  3. If Number 2 above does not apply and the owner requires a driveway entrance, wants to replace or modify an existing entrance, or desires an additional entrance, then a Driveway Entrance Permit is obtained from Development Construction, 3rd floor, City Hall.
  4. Driveway Culvert:
    1. If a driveway is proposed along a street with curb and gutter, then no entrance plan or culvert is required.
    2. If driveway is proposed along a street with no curb and gutter, then a driveway culvert is required. In order to size the culvert, an entrance plan including an existing condition survey of roadside ditch is required. Call 757-382-6101 if additional information is required.
  5. All driveways and culverts must be inspected prior to pouring concrete / paving:
    1. Curb and gutter along street - ensure that the forms are in place and sub-base graded.
    2. No curb and gutter along street - if there is no curb and gutter, a culvert is required along with two inspections:
      1. 1st inspection is performed once culvert is in place and prior to backfill;
      2. 2nd inspection is performed after culvert is backfilled and forms are set prior to pouring concrete / paving. 

To schedule a driveway entrance inspection, please call the Development Construction Engineering Technician at 757-382-6101.

When scheduling an inspection, have the following information:

  1. Address / Location
  2. Point of contact and number
  3. Time and Date