Cost Estimate - Bond Figure

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If the Utilities improvements are 100% complete, then the cost of the Water and Sewer improvements can be removed from the Performance Bond before the Subdivision Agreement is posted.


  1. All Utilities improvements reflected on subdivision plan are to be complete and any punch list items resolved.
  2. Subdivision Plat is ready for recordation.
    1. Final Subdivision Plat must be reviewed and approved by Directors of Development and Permits and Planning.
    2. Plat processing fees are paid.
    3. Lot Grading Certification is submitted.
    4. Total inspection fees paid.
  3. All Water and Sewer Activation Package items must be submitted and approved:
    1. Defect Bond (Must be approved by City Attorney)
    2. Construction Record Drawings
  4. Development and Permits Administrative items:
    1. Subdivision Agreement and Performance Bond (Must be approved by City Attorney)
  5. Utilities Final inspection (Activate Water and Sewer)
  6. Record Plat.