Park Shelter & Section Rentals

Chesapeake Parks, Recreation and Tourism has a variety of park sections and shelters available for rent at locations all over the City. Whether you are having a birthday party, wedding, reception, company outing or your next family reunion, we have the right accommodations for you. Sections and shelter rentals are available throughout the year and are rented only on an all-day basis (sunrise to sunset). No hourly or half-day rentals. Please take into account the necessary time for cleanup to ensure you are out of the park by sunset.

Chesapeake City Residents and Chesapeake Community Organizations may begin renting park shelters and reserving park section facilities for the following year beginning on December 1st. All others can begin securing their annual reservations on January 2nd.

How to Reserve a Shelter or Park Section

1. Review Sizes & Pricing

Review sizes and pricing to choose a shelter or section size that will accommodate your function and number of guests.

2. Review Locations

Review locations (PDF) to confirm existing shelter sizes at parks. Note: It is strongly suggested that applicants visit the location(s) of interest in person prior to submitting the application and payment to confirm that the selected rental space meets the needs of the applicant's planned activities. See our Park Finder to search location directions and the Chesapeake Recreation Facilities Table (JPG) for amenities.

3. Review the Rental Application & Addendum

Review the rental application and addendum with all policies and guidelines before securing your reservation with payment. You may fill it out online and then print it out and bring it in to the Visitor Center, or you may fill it out in person at the Visitor Center when you come in to make the reservation and payment.

Refund/Cancelation/Rescheduling Policy: Fifteen (15) days' notice is required for any cancelation or rescheduling (subject to additional fees). If the reservation date is less than 15 days away, no refunds will be approved for activities that are canceled by the applicant for any reason including impending weather forecasts or actual weather conditions on the day of the rental, unless the City of Chesapeake closes operations citywide on the day of the rental. Shelters are outdoors and are rented rain or shine. See application for further information, pricing, policies, facility listings and locations. 

4. Check Rental Availability

Check rental availability by calling the Visitor Center at 757-382-6411 prior to completing the rental application (and Addendum if applicable).

All rentals are subject to availability on a first-come, first-served basis at the time of reservation. Rentals may be reserved only in person with the completion of the rental application and addendum, along with payment of the full rental fee. No "holds" will be permitted pending receipt of application, addendum and payment.

5. Will You Need a Special Permit?

You will need a special permit if any of the following conditions apply. The permit application must be submitted no less than 30 days prior to the date of the proposed activity. Please contact the Visitor Center for more information and an application. See Rental Addendum (PDF) for more information.

Outdoor Special Event Permit Application:

  • 500 or more people are anticipated to attend, or
  • Event is open to the general public, or
  • Alcohol is being requested for event (only permitted in certain parks)
  • See FAQ and Special Event Guidebook (PDF)

Small Event Permit Application:

If the Outdoor Special Event Permit does not apply, and you are planning on having/using any of the following:

  • Tents (larger than 10 feet by 15 feet), or
  • Amplified Sound, Public Announcement (PA) Systems, Commercial DJ, or
  • Catering/Food Trucks, or
  • Animals or Other Amusements, or
  • Other Activities and Items (see pg. 4 on Rental Application for additional listings)

6. Secure the Rental

The rental fee and any deposit are to be paid at the time of application in person at the Visitor Center. Online payment and reservations cannot be accepted at this time. No "holds" will be permitted pending receipt of application, addendum and payment.

The Visitor Center is currently open six days a week including city-observed holidays except for New Year's Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day. Hours on city-observed holidays and Saturdays are 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

View a gallery of facilities available for rental.