New Single-Family & Duplex Landscape Requirement

New Single-Family & Duplex Residential Development Landscape Requirements For Non-CBPA & CBPA Resource Management Area (RMA)

All new single-family and duplex residential lots shall have trees planted on the property, equal to 20% of the lot, before the final Certificate of Occupancy is approved.


  • Existing trees will count, and tree protection is encouraged during construction
  • At least one tree is required in the front yard

A Large Canopy Tree (LOT) equals 400 square feet of canopy and a Small Canopy Tree (SLT) equals 200 square feet of canopy coverage. A combination of LCT and SCT may be planted, if the square foot coverage count is the same. See Recommended Trees Species for more details. Trees are to be a minimum of 6 feet to 8 feet in height at planting.


12,000 sq ft lot × 20% = 2,400 sq ft canopy required

2,400 sq ft canopy ÷ by 400 sq ft (value of 1 large canopy tree) = 6 LCT's required

What are the 6 LCT requirements?

  • 6 large canopy trees
  • 3 large and 6 small canopy trees
  • 12 small canopy trees or a combination

What are the benefits of trees?

  • Clean air and water
  • Save energy
  • Beautify areas
  • Provide shade for houses and people
  • Provide habitat for animals

Other benefits of trees can be grouped into social, communal, environmental, and economic categories. For more information, please see Trees are Good Website.