Information Technology Department

The Information Technology Department is more than just data and connections. It's strategy. It's vision. Information Technology helps City Departments, Schools, and Libraries use technology to provide better services to citizens more efficiently.

The Information Technology team aligns its efforts with the City Council Objectives. On Council's connectivity objective, Information Technology has taken time to plan and implement city-wide fiber and wireless solutions to connect City, Schools, and Library resources. This will also give citizens more opportunities to engage with these resources in many new ways. These broadband resources will also enhance our city's economic viability to attract more businesses and entrepreneurs who may wish to call Chesapeake home. The broadband and wireless infrastructure will be the catalyst for smart city initiatives that can improve our environment and quality of life in Chesapeake. Most of all, these technologies will allow for more robust and capable public safety for our citizens.

The Information Technology team has been working to expand the City's ability to address a more mobile and virtual work environment. Information Technology has been working to create a platform that can support a digital workforce and smart city. These efforts have allowed the City to address the ever-changing work environment. As we expand these technologies, we plan to address citizen's capabilities as well so citizens can more easily interact with City services.