Occupant Loads

Maximum Area Allowances per Occupant

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Category of SpaceFloor Area in Square Feet Per Occupant
Accessory Storage, Mechanical Rooms300 gross
Aircraft Hangars500 gross
Assembly Gaming Floors (keno, slots, etc.)11
Assembly without fixed seats
Concentrated (chairs only-not fixed)7 net
Standing space5 net
Unconcentrated (tables and chairs)15 net
Business areas100 gross
Daycare35 net
Classroom20 net
Shops and other vocational room areas50 net
Exercise rooms50 gross
Industrial areas100 gross
Institutional areas
Inpatient treatment areas240 gross
Outpatient areas100 gross
Sleeping areas120 gross
Kitchens, commercial200 gross
Reading rooms50 net
Stack area100 gross
Locker rooms50 gross
Areas on other floors60 gross
Basement and grade floor areas30 gross
Storage, stock, shipping areas300 gross
Parking garages200 gross
Skating rinks and swimming pools
Rink and pool50 gross
Decks15 gross
Stages and platforms15 net
Warehouses500 gross