Build a Deck

Document Requirements

Step 1: Zoning Approval

Country DeckThe Zoning Plans Examiner will review and approve your survey site plan. The location of your deck must be shown on the site plan. Upon approval of the site plan, the Zoning Plans Examiner will process an application for the next step.

Step 2: Building Plan Approval & Requirements

The Plans Examiner will review the building application and deck plans (Deck Foundation and Framing Plan, Deck Cross Section Plan, and Joist and Beam sizes and spacing elevations).

Please provide one set of plans drawn to scale, showing all Joist and Beam sizes, cross sections and all typical connection details, stair and guardrail details. If you need assistance, you may also use the Deck Cross Section Plan, Deck Foundation and Framing Plan, and Joist and Beam drawings provided by the Department of Development and Permits.

Step 3: Building Permit Issuance

  • Obtain building permit or permits after your plans are approved.
  • If the plans are rejected, revise the plans and resubmit them for re-review.
  • If the permit applicant is a homeowner, the owner is responsible for the work performed.
  • If the permit applicant is a contractor, the contractor is responsible for the work performed and must provide a copy of his or her State Contractor's License and a City of Chesapeake Business License, if applicable.
  • Pay for permits based on the fee schedule.

Minimum Fee:
$50 + $10 per 100 square feet


Dimension of the deck 10 feet by 20 feet = 200 square feet

Calculation of Permit Fee:

  • 200 square feet ÷ 100 feet = 2
  • 2 × $10 per 100 square feet = $20
  • + $50 = $70
  • + Plan Review Fee $50 = $120
  • + 2% State Levy ($2.40) = $122.40
  • + $5 Technology Fee = $5
  • Total Permit Fee: $127.40

Step 4: Inspection Steps & Procedures

  • Post your permit in a location that can be seen by the building inspector from the road in front of the house.
  • Online inspection request or call 757-382-CITY (2489) to request an inspection or schedule online via eBUILD.
  • A footing, framing (rough-in) and final inspection are required for decks supported by posts.
  • For post supported decks, that provide a minimum clearance of 30 inches between grade and the bottom of the floor joists and are open and accessible, the framing and final inspections may be requested and scheduled at the same time. For post-supported decks that provide less than 30-inch clearance, a separate framing inspection is required.
  • Ground level decks only require a final inspection.