Volunteer with Chesapeake Thrives

Phone: 757-382-8196

Volunteers are needed to promote positive change in youth and their families by serving as mentors, advocates, teachers, and role models to boys and girls of all ages.

As a volunteer, you can choose from a variety of programs that interest you from court-oriented programs to environmental programs to employment and family-building programs. Volunteering just a few hours each week or month offers you the opportunity to help troubled youth learn to help themselves and find positive ways to live their lives.

Volunteer Requirements

Required Paperwork

  • Volunteer application (see above)
  • Complete the Child Protective Services Request for Search of the Central Registry and Release of Information Form (PDF). There is a $7 processing fee charged to us by the state for this form that must be paid by the volunteer. This form also needs to be signed in front of a notary. We have notaries in our office who will notarize the form for you free of charge.
  • Release of information and fingerprint cards. Two cards must be fingerprinted with your prints. This can be done at our office by appointment.
  • Three personal or work-related references are needed. You can include their information in your application.
  • Program Interest form (included in the application)
  • Volunteer pledge and confidentiality form (included in the application)

Please note: All information is held confidential with Community Programs, hub office for Chesapeake Thrives.

Other Requirements

  • Must be at least 21 years of age and successfully complete the background check or be participating in a college or graduate internship program.
  • Interview with the Programs Administrator and Program Specialist
  • Community Programs Orientation
  • Individual Program Orientation

Please Note:

Once the required paperwork is completed and turned in to Community Programs, we will contact you for an interview. Please note that before you can begin your volunteer services, we must have your references, fingerprint and Child Protective Services (CPS) checks returned from their respective individuals or institutions. This process can take as long as 45 days. Applications may be rejected for applicants that have been convicted of a criminal offense or have a record of child abuse or neglect complaints that were "founded." We appreciate your patience and understanding of our requirements.