Plumbing Permits

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Projects That Require Plumbing Permits & Inspections

  • New Construction for bathroom (bathroom addition, new residential and commercial)
  • Install new lawn sprinkler system connected to City Water
  • Install new gas water heater (required gas, mechanical and plumbing permits including Chimney or Vent Certification)
  • Install new humidifier (required electrical, mechanical and plumbing permits)
  • Install new electric water heater (required electrical, mechanical and plumbing permits)
  • Install new sump pump (required electrical and plumbing)
  • Install or alter special piping and storage systems (ex: nonflammable medical gas systems and nonmedical oxygen systems, which require 3rd party inspections)
  • Install clean-out in building sewer
  • Relocate existing bathroom fixtures (ex: water closet, shower, sink, dishwasher, water heater, etc)
  • Replace all water lines/interior lines
  • Replace septic system to sewer line
  • Repair leak in outside underground water pipe

Projects That Do Not Require a Plumbing Permit

  • Install and replace plumbing fixtures in the same location
  • Repair leak in water pipe
  • Thaw frozen pipe
  • Unplug a sewer
  • Replace water faucet
  • Repair leak in water closet