Mission & Core Values

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"In Partnership With the Community, Promote a Safe City Through Prevention of Crime and Enforcement of Laws"


  • Community Service: "Through a partnership with the people and businesses in our community, we are committed to enhancing public safety, reducing the fear of crime, solving community problems that affect public safety, and realizing that we are part of the community."
  • Integrity: "We are committed to adherence to high moral and ethical principles and character, honesty, doing what is legally and morally right, and setting the example."
  • Professionalism: "As a Department, we strive to maintain a clear sense of commitment, perspective and direction through compliance to policies, standards of conduct and behavior, knowledge of duties, and continual self-improvement."
  • Respect: "It is the fundamental duty of each member of the Department to demonstrate empathy, compassion, concern and courtesy for victims of crime and to treat all members of the community, to include those who violate the law, with fairness and tactfulness."

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