Golf Cart Usage and Application

Golf Cart Application Process

Request for "GOLF CART USAGE PERMITTED" signs:

Application for usage in HOA community

Application for usage Non-HOA community

Application Submission

Upon completion, please email application to the Department of Public Works, Traffic Engineering Division at or mail to 306 Cedar Rd, 3rd Floor, Public Works, Chesapeake, VA 23322 for further processing. 

Application Review Process

Upon receipt of the completed application, the City Council shall request input and recommendations from Planning, Police, and Development and Permits to determine if you are eligible for “GOLF CART USAGE PERMITTED” signs. 

Next Steps

Applicant will be notified in writing upon approval or denial of application by the Traffic Engineering Division.  If approved, Traffic Engineering will request fabrication of the Golf Cart Usage signs and once completed, signage will be placed in the appropriate areas of the neighborhood.

Code Enforcement

Please be aware that the City of Chesapeake Code of Ordinances 74-364 states, “The city council may, in its sole discretion and upon the recommendation of the chief of police or public works director, suspend and/or revoke the designation of any public highway for golf cart or utility vehicle use at any time."  (Ord. No. 20-O-028, 3-10-20).


If you have any questions or need additional assistance, please contact the Department of Public Works (757)-382-6101 or email the Traffic Engineering Division directly