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Project Background

The Chesapeake Trails and Connectivity Plan (TConn) is focused on developing a rich network of open spaces, trails, off-road natural paths, greenways, recreational waterways, and water access points throughout the City of Chesapeake. This plan will expand upon the Comprehensive Plan, specifically sections related to making pedestrian and bicycle improvements, developing new trails, as well as making blue and green connections accessible to all residents. 

The TConn will capitalize on Chesapeake’s unique and numerous waterways and landscapes, diverse ecosystems, and an array of natural and cultural resources, ranging from the future Historic Village in Deep Creek to Historic South Norfolk or the Chesapeake Arboretum. TConn will strive to connect Chesapeake residents to these assets and work to further improve connectivity throughout our City. Residents will have ample opportunities to provide their input on planning the future of trails and connectivity in Chesapeake. More information on these engagement opportunities will be available in the coming months. 

The major goals of this study are:


    To CREATE an inventory of Chesapeake’s existing network of trails, open spaces, as well as bicycle, pedestrian, and other active transportation facilities. 

    To ENVISION the future of connectivity and trails in Chesapeake, with an emphasis on connecting existing facilities into a comprehensive and integrated network that includes on-street infrastructure (sidewalks and bicycle lanes), greenways (off-road paths and trails), public easements (trails over public easements), and blueways. 

    To IMPROVE access to the City’s trails and open spaces for all citizens by connecting people to both places and their natural environment. 

    To PRESERVE the City’s open spaces, conversation areas, wetlands, and other sensitive natural environments. 

For more information about this study, please contact project manager Kevin Finn by email at or call 757-382-6176.

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