Norfolk Highlands Drainage Improvements

Project Description: This project will provide replacement, improvement, and realignment of the public stormwater system and outfalls within the Norfolk Highlands area neighborhood to improve system capacity and mitigate flooding issues.

Project Budget: $1.2 million

Additional Project Details:

1. Drainage study complete; 5 phases of improvements.

2. Phase 1 (Cornick Avenue & Elder Avenue) - 60% design under review. Anticipate construction start Winter 2023.

3. Phase 2 (Hawthorne Drive & Laurel Avenue) - Anticipate design to begin Summer 2023.

4. Phase 3 (Myrtle Avenue) - Anticipate design to begin Summer 2023.

5. Phase 4 (Philmont Avenue) - Funded through Stormwater Quality Program; Improvements to be incorporated into DPU project; PPEA agreement underway by DPU and contractor. Anticipate construction in Winter 2023.

6. Phase 5 (Oleander Avenue) - 60% design underway. Anticipate construction start early Spring 2024.

Norfolk Highlands Drainage Improvements