South Norfolk Municipal Building Project


South Norfolk Municipal Building Project 
Thursday, March 23, 2023 | 6:00 – 8:00 p.m. 
Oscar Smith Middle School 
2500 Rodgers Street, Chesapeake, VA 23324

The City of Chesapeake invites you to the South Norfolk Municipal Building Project Citizen Information Meeting. This Citizen Information Meeting is an opportunity for the public to review the proposed plans and provide feedback in person Thursday, March 23, 2023, 6:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m. at Oscar Smith Middle School, online or by mail to the city. This informational meeting is being held to provide an opportunity for any person, acting on his or her own behalf, or representing a group or a governmental agency, to give the city his or her comments and/or suggestions concerning the proposed project after reviewing the project information which is provided below.

The online public comment period will close on April 2, 2023. City representatives will review and evaluate any comments received as a result of the Citizen Information Meeting. If you would like to submit feedback using this format, please complete the online citizen information form.

Written comments must be postmarked, emailed, or delivered to the City of Chesapeake by April 2, 2023, to the following address to be included in the meeting record: 

South Norfolk Municipal Building Project 
Wilbur W. Hogge, P.E. 
Project Manager 
City of Chesapeake 
Department of Public Works 

Mailing address: 

P.O. Box 15225 
Chesapeake, Virginia 23328 

Delivery address: 

306 Cedar Road, 3rd floor 
Chesapeake, Virginia 23322


The City of Chesapeake has completed several strategic development plans and feasibility studies that propose revitalization strategies specific to the South Norfolk area. Chief among them, the Chesapeake 2035 Comprehensive Plan lays out goals and objectives for the development of projects precisely like that of the South Norfolk Municipal Building. From the Quality of Life perspective, a major objective for the city is to encourage high-level design along major thoroughfares and City Gateways. The location of the South Norfolk Municipal Building sits less than a block from the foot of Interstate 464 and will serve as an additional welcoming point in the mobile transition from Norfolk and Portsmouth to Chesapeake. Municipal buildings, schools and colleges, libraries, community centers, and public parks are named as the focus of community life within the Comprehensive Plan. These civic buildings set the tone and standard for architectural design in the community, particularly in older communities, like that of Historic South Norfolk. All municipal actions should recognize the importance of historic preservation in the City of Chesapeake and the action strategies for new development should seek to enhance the existing character and style of the community.

The Comprehensive Plan states that in addition to quality design for the building, the landscaping around civic places should be enhanced to create more inviting places of community activity. For municipal and school properties, development, and implementation of an enhanced landscaping plan over time must be achieved, with a dedicated funding source for maintenance. The city strives to place public buildings in locations that are accessible by pedestrians and from transit, where various City services can be co-located, and where opportunities exist to stimulate, but not directly compete with, economic development. Civic structures like that of the South Norfolk Municipal Building should reflect higher quality materials, design, and landscaping and establish the standard for architectural design in the community. The appearance of these public buildings creates an image for a city, and with this project, the City of Chesapeake seeks to leave a positive and lasting impression.


Located within South Norfolk’s developing Poindexter Corridor, the South Norfolk Municipal Building will provide a dynamic, user-friendly civic hub for its community, bringing vital City services together in a convenient location for residents in South Norfolk and the surrounding community. The project has two main components: a 45,500-square-foot Municipal Building and an adjacent 320-space public parking garage. In addition to providing parking for visitors and staff at the Municipal Building, the parking garage will supply needed overflow parking to serve the Poindexter Corridor. The proposed South Norfolk Municipal Building will create new public investment in the Poindexter Street Corridor that will target blight and improve the community’s image. The facility will introduce new daily business and employment trips into the commercial core while addressing space needs and aging facilities of several City departments currently located in the corridor. By targeting blight in this area and providing a new City facility in this corridor, this project aligns with the City’s strategic outcome of economic prosperity. 

The South Norfolk Municipal Building Project was established by Chesapeake City Council in June 2018. In May 2019, City Council appropriated an additional $3.31 million to purchase 3.122 acres of land at the Gateway in South Norfolk, near the intersection of Poindexter Street and Bainbridge Boulevard. It is anticipated that construction will be funded via cash and debt financing from the South Norfolk Tax Increment Financing (TIF) District. The following departments are projected to have space and provide services in the Municipal Building: City Treasurer, Commissioner of the Revenue, Chesapeake Police Department 2nd Precinct, Human Services Community Corrections, Commonwealth’s Attorney, Planning, Development & Permits, and Parks, Recreation & Tourism. Design and construction of the project is being managed by Chesapeake Public Works. Once community feedback is received, the project design is expected to be completed by Fall 2023 with construction expected to begin in Spring 2024. The project is currently expected to be completed in the Summer of 2026. 


Budget: $25.46 million (Includes Engineering, Land Acquisition, and Construction) 

Project costs are preliminary and subject to change depending on final design features, inflation, utility relocation, and easement acquisition costs.


Design Completion: Fall 2023 

Begin Construction: Spring 2024 

Construction Completion: Summer 2026 


SN Municipal Building Exterior View-Front FacadeSN Municipal Building Exterior View-Main EntranceSN Municipal Building Exterior View-PlazaSN Municipal Building Exterior View-Rear FacadeSN Municipal Building Lobby-Atrium

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SoNo Municipal Building_Lobby Rendering_030923_Page_2

SoNo Municipal Building_Lobby Rendering_030923_Page_3

SN Municipal Building Site Overview

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