Chesapeake Thrives - Caring about Our Community's Wellbeing

Chesapeake Thrives

Chesapeake Thrives is a public/private partnership that establishes a "no wrong door" approach to serve Chesapeake residents. Chesapeake Thrives partners are able to quickly connect residents to needed services including health care, housing, recreation, education, employment, childcare, senior activities, and other needs at any stage of their life. Call 757-382-CITY (2489) to access services.

Chesapeake Thrives Priority Areas

In order to provide the appropriate services to residents, the Thrives Well-Being Plan engages all sectors of the community by addressing 8 priority areas:

  • Aging in the Community
  • Behavioral Health
  • Early Childhood
  • Health
  • Housing
  • Poverty and Economic Support
  • School Age Programs and Support
  • Workforce Development

As we implement the plan in 2023, more priority area resources will be highlighted here. 

Behavioral Health

  • Community Corrections - Division of the Human Service Department providing both pre-trial and probation services.
  • Civic Leagues - Connections within your own neighborhood to foster community in Chesapeake.


  • Serve the City - During a Serve the City Project, volunteers form construction crews and work together to complete home repairs.
  • Homeless Resources - Shelter, case management, and related services and/or community resources for those at-risk or experiencing homelessness.

Poverty and Economic Supports

  • Civic Leagues - Connections within your own neighborhood to foster community in Chesapeake.
  • Home Repairs - Repairs are provided by community volunteers based on applicant eligibility
  • Local Churches - Connection with local places of worship to provide support and community

School-Aged Children

Chesapeake Thrives Conference: The Power of Partnerships

On October 19, Thrives partners came together to strengthen partnerships and to build the collaboration that will make Thrives a success. The following presentations were given at the event: 

  1. Aging in the Community (PDF)
  2. Behavioral Health (PDF) 
  3. Early Childhood (PDF) 
  4. Health (PDF) 
  5. Housing (PDF) 
  6. Poverty and Economic (PDF) 
  7. Support School Age Programs and Support (PDF) 
  8. Workforce Development (PDF)

Volunteer with Chesapeake Thrives

Chesapeake Thrives engages all sectors of the community to leverage talents, resources, and diverse perspectives to produce successful outcomes for neighborhoods and residents. Help us build the human infrastructure to make Chesapeake an exceptional place to live, learn, work, farm, and play for everyone in our community.

Volunteer Information and Application - Learn about how you can get involved to support Chesapeake Thrives