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AdoptAHighwayGardenThe Adopt a Highway and Adopt a Garden programs are designed to make it clear to visitors and residents alike that we care about our City and the way it looks. For years, these two programs have helped the City and volunteers like you improve the appearance of our roadways and roadside gardens while reducing the cost of litter removal. Without you, this would not be possible!

Adopt a Highway

When your organization decides to adopt a highway, you'll get to choose approximately two miles of (un-adopted) roadway to claim as your own for one year (with the option to renew each year.) Your group will pick up litter within the City's right-of-way at least once a quarter. We can loan you bright orange safety vests and can also provide you with garbage bags (which, once they are full, Public Works crews can pick up and dispose of for you).

Adopt a Garden

This program, a great opportunity for landscape companies, allows volunteers to select a roadside or intersection garden to plant and maintain for a one-year period (with the option to renew each year). The group will submit garden plans using a 1:10 or 1:20 scaled drawing. Once the plan is approved, you can get the garden started! We will provide you with a suggested monthly maintenance plan.

Who can adopt?

Anyone! Local community organizations and clubs, churches, synagogues, businesses, families, and even individuals aged 18 years or older. Groups with members younger than 18 must have adult supervision when working at their adopted location and children under 16 may not be allowed in the right-of-way.

How do I get started?

Call the Public Works Information Coordinator at 757-382-6196 or download the Adopt-a-Highway/Adopt-a-Garden Application below, print it and fill out the document (contact us to get a printed application emailed or mailed to your home). Once we receive your application, the Public Works Director will approve your adoption and you'll be ready to get to work! After your first pick-up or once your garden is planted, we will get your very own sign created and installed.

Adopt a Highway/Adopt a Garden Brochure/Application

How do I adopt a park or municipal/school grounds?

The Parks, Recreation and Tourism Department administers the Adopt-a-Park and Adopt-a-Spot programs. Find more information about those programs on their website.