Floodplain Ordinance

FloodThe City of Chesapeake has recently adopted a new Floodplain Management Ordinance. This Ordinance, required by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), regulates development within the 100 Year (AE) and 500 Year (X) Flood Zones. The City hopes to achieve three goals by adopting the newly enhanced ordinance: reducing flood insurance rates for citizens who build in accordance with the proposed standards; entering a FEMA program where certain City actions and activities are rewarded with a reduction in flood insurance premiums for all Chesapeake residents; and improving safety features in order to protect buildings, properties, and citizens within flood zones. 

Contact the Chesapeake Planning Department by email (planning@cityofchesapeake.net) or by calling  757-382-6176 with any questions that you may have regarding the ordinance.
 For questions about the National Flood Insurance Program, call 

Definitions that may be helpful include:

Flood Zoneareas identified as an AE Zone on the Flood Insurance Rate Maps for which the 100 year flood elevations have been provided. Read more information
Finished Floora floor that can be inhabited, not a storage area like a garage
Base Flood Elevationa height of 8.5 feet above sea level; any land under this level is part of the 100 Year Flood Zone. Read more information
Substantial Improvementany reconstruction, rehabilitation, addition, or other improvement of a structure, the cost of which equals or exceeds 50 percent of the market value of the structure before the start of construction of the improvement. Read more information
Critical Infrastructurethings like government facilities, hazardous materials facilities, hospitals, power plants, transportation facilities (not to include local streets and roads), etc. Read more information