Equestrian Campground Policies

Reservations and Check-In

  • All campground reservations are to be made either in person at the campground office in Northwest River Park, or online through the ReserveAmerica website and must be paid in full at time of reservation. Campsites may not be "held" pending payment. Credit card information may not be taken verbally by park staff.
  • Campsite check-in and registration begins at 1:00 p.m. at the Northwest River Park camp store. Early check-in may be available if the site was not occupied the night before.
  • Identification is required at registration and check-in for all campsite rentals. Applicant must be at least 18 years of age and must occupy the campsite.
  • A specific campsite will be assigned during check-in and registration. Any changes must be approved by camp store staff prior to camp setup or move-in.
  • All campers will be given a copy of the "Northwest River Park Camping Information and Regulations."
  • Campers will receive car passes for one truck and trailer combination. The camp area and date of departure will be written on the front of the car pass, and the campground gate code will be written on the back. The car pass is required to be displayed at all times while on park property. The gate code is not to be transferred or shared with others.
  • Camp store hours are as posted for the appropriate season.
  • Night/late check-in is available for campsites with prior approval of the camp store staff if an advance reservation was made. Arrangements must be made with the camp store staff prior to the date of arrival for the gate to be open. Campers must provide identification to the staff at the camp store the next morning. Call 757-421-7151 for more information.

Advance Reservations

  • Advance reservations may be made during the calendar year of the rental.
  • The stay is required to be paid in full on ReserveAmerica, including a non-refundable deposit of the first night's stay, plus the ReserveAmerica fee.
  • Deposit may be transferred to available dates within the calendar camping season if done two days prior to check-in.
  • Holiday weekends require a two consecutive night reservation minimum. Walk-ins may come for one night if there are sites available.


  • $21 per campsite may include a maximum of: one (1) trailer, one (1) car/truck, two (2) horses, four (4) people.


  • All campers must vacate the campground by 12 p.m. unless you have a membership to the equestrian area; then you must vacate at sunset as the rules apply to the equestrian membership.


  • Refund requests for campers leaving early must either make the request by email or in writing to the Parks Manager requesting a refund and stating the reason why.
  • Cancellation of rentals within two (2) calendar days or less of reservation is not permitted. (No refunds).
  • Rescheduling of rentals within two (2) calendar days or less of reservation is not permitted. (No refunds).
  • Rescheduled reservations are subject to availability and a rescheduling fee may be charged.
  • The first night's deposit is non-refundable regardless of the reason for the request.
  • Refunds are usually not granted for inclement weather. In cases of extreme inclement weather, any requests for partial credit must be submitted in writing to the Parks Manager within 48 hours after the event.
  • Call 757-421-7151 for more information regarding Parks Manager contact information.


  • Sleeping on the ground without a tent or in a vehicle not designed for camping is prohibited.
  • Quiet hours are 10:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m.
  • Campers are restricted to their camping area and restrooms after sunset unless attending a park program.
  • No riding from sunset until 9:00 a.m.
  • There is potable water at the building; no electric hookups.
  • Portable toilets are available for use in the equestrian camping area.
  • Campers are welcome to walk or drive to the bathhouses in the main campground.
  • Pick up hay and skidder out the horse manure.
  • Camping is limited to Friday and Saturday nights; Sundays on holiday weekends only.
  • Equestrian gates will be unlocked and secured with a carabineer when campground is occupied.
  • The equestrian area is closed after sunset to anyone that is not camping.

For the Safety of Our Campers

  • Possession of a bow and arrow, crossbow, air gun or sling-shot is prohibited.
  • Fireworks, including sparklers, are prohibited.
  • Alcoholic beverages are prohibited.
  • Swimming is prohibited.
  • Clotheslines must be removed daily at sunset.
  • Park is not responsible for belongings left unattended.


  • Pets are permitted in the campground area if leashed or tethered.
  • Pets are not allowed in boats.
  • All droppings from your pet in camping area must be picked up and properly disposed of.
  • Pets are not to be left unattended.
  • Pet owners are responsible for pet behavior. Aggressive behavior or excessive barking may result in expulsion from the camping area without refund.
  • Pets are not allowed off leash in any areas of the park.


  • Fires are restricted to personal above-ground fire rings, pits, or park-provided fire rings or pits.
  • Do not leave fires unattended.
  • Do not burn trash or any material which carry sparks aloft.
  • The cutting of any tree, dead or alive, is prohibited.
  • Dead wood may be picked up from the ground.


  • Water is located at the back of the building at an external spigot in the equestrian camping area. This is potable water.


  • All horses must have proof of an up-to-date Coggins kept in owner's trailer at all times.
  • All horses must be in a portable pen, stall, or secured by high lines at night.
  • No tying to trees or trailer overnight.
  • The equestrian area is generally limited to 10 horses for overnight camping.
  • The round pen is to be used by campers and members for training, to hold a horse for a short period of time, or overnight if needed. Do not put your horse or horses in the round pen and leave the area during the day when people would come to use the pen.
  • Do not leave hay, shavings or manure in the round pen or stall.

Trash and Dump Stations

  • All refuse and garbage is to be placed in the dumpster located at the dump station near the entrance to the main campground.
  • All campsites are to be kept clean and presentable during occupancy, and must be clean with all trash removed upon check-out.
  • A dump station is provided for the convenience of campers in the main campground.