Equestrian Memberships & Area Rentals

Equestrian Memberships

  • Memberships can be purchased starting October 1st of the preceding calendar year. They are valid through December 31st of the membership year. Proof of negative Coggins must be kept in member's trailer at all times. When membership is purchased, member is given a car hang tag with the year of membership written on it, and this is to be displayed in the hauling vehicle for Park Rangers to be able to verify. Membership is purchased and tracked through ActiveNet and can only be purchased at select Parks, Recreation and Tourism sites to include Northwest River Park. Call 757-421-7151 for more information.
  • Membership cost is $10 per year per individual rider, any age.

Release of Liability

  • All adult members must sign a Patron Acknowledgement of Release and Assumption of Risk Form for a membership for themselves and their minors.


  • Membership or rental is required to use the arena, round pen and trails.
  • All riders under 18 must be accompanied by an adult at all times.
  • Clean up after horses and either skitter manure or haul away.
  • Park in designated areas only.

Equestrian Facility Rentals

  • The rental fee is $80 for the day.
  • The group renting must have liability insurance and submit a Small Event Permit Application for approval.
  • Other members may still park in the area and use the trails during events, just not the arena and round pen.
  • The group may set up obstacles and jumps covered by their liability insurance.