Job Descriptions

The documents below include the specifications for all City of Chesapeake job classifications. Please select the letter corresponding to the job classification title for which you are searching, then find the title in the list that displays. To view current job openings, visit Chesapeake's employment site.

  1. Account Clerk (PDF)
  2. Account Specialist I (PDF)
  3. Account Specialist II (PDF)
  4. Account Supervisor (PDF)
  5. Account Technician (PDF)
  6. Accountant I (PDF)
  7. Accountant II (PDF)
  8. Accountant III (PDF)
  9. Accounting Administrator (PDF)
  10. Accounts Payable Manager (PDF)
  11. Address Coordinator (PDF)
  12. Administrative Coordinator I (PDF)
  13. Administrative Coordinator II (PDF)
  14. Administrative Services Director, CIBH (PDF)
  15. ALS Technician Firefighter (PDF)
  16. Animal Care Supervisor (PDF)
  17. Animal Control Officer I (PDF)
  18. Animal Control Officer II (FTO) (PDF)
  19. Animal Control Supervisor (PDF)
  20. Animal Services Outreach Coordinator (PDF)
  21. Animal Shelter Manager (PDF)
  22. Appraisal Clerk Supervisor (PDF)
  23. Assistant City Attorney I (PDF)
  24. Assistant City Attorney II (PDF)
  25. Assistant City Attorney III (PDF)
  26. Assistant City Attorney IV (PDF)
  27. Assistant City Manager (PDF)
  28. Assistant Commonwealth Attorney I (PDF)
  29. Assistant Commonwealth Attorney II (PDF)
  30. Assistant Commonwealth Attorney III (PDF)
  31. Assistant Director, Controller (PDF)
  32. Assistant Director, Information Technology (PDF)
  33. Assistant Director, Social Services (PDF)
  34. Assistant Fire Chief (PDF)
  35. Assistant Registrar (PDF)
  36. Assistant Registrar II (PDF)
  37. Assistant Right of Way Agent (PDF)
  38. Assistant Risk Manager (PDF)
  39. Assistant Superintendent Juvenile Services (PDF)
  40. Assistant Supervisor, Clerk of Circuit Court (PDF)
  41. Athletic Maintenance Coordinator (PDF)
  42. Audit Specialist (PDF)
  43. Automotive Technician I (PDF)
  44. Automotive Technician II (PDF)
  45. Automotive Technician III (PDF)
  46. Automotive Technician Supervisor (PDF)
  47. Accounts Payable Analyst (PDF)
  48. Assistant Chief of Police (PDF)