Human Resources Classification & Compensation Plan

Effective July 1, 2023

ArticleSectionClassificationPage Number
Article 1N/AThe Human Resources Classification and Compensation Plan (PDF) (Article 1 combined, 2 pages)1
Article 1Section 1.1General Principles1
Article 1Section 1.2Authority1
Article 1Section 1.3Duties and Responsibilities of the Director of Human Resources2
Article 2N/AClassification (PDF) (Article 2 combined, 2 pages)2
Article 2Section 2.1Classification (Class) System2
Article 2Section 2.2Unclassified Service3
Article 2Section 2.3Classified Service3
Article 2Section 2.4Original Appointments3
Article 2Section 2.5Promotions3
Article 2Section 2.6Classification Review Process4
Article 2Section 2.7Interpretation of Job Classification Descriptions4
Article 3N/ACompensation (PDF) (Article 3 combined, 4 pages)4
Article 3Section 3.1Composition of Plan4
Article 3Section 3.2New Employees4
Article 3Section 3.3Pay Increases5
Article 3Section 3.4Promotions6
Article 3Section 3.5Demotions6
Article 3Section 3.6Reclassifications6
Article 3Section 3.7Reorganizations6
Article 3Section 3.8Overtime6
Article 4N/ALeave Provisions (PDF) (Article 4 combined, 2 pages)7
Article 4Section 4.1Annual Leave9
Article 4Section 4.2Sick Leave8
Article 4Section 4.3Paid Time Off9
Article 4Section 4.4Incentive Leave11
Article 4Section 4.5Bereavement Leave13
Article 4Section 4.6Military Leave14
Article 4Section 4.7Family and Medical Leave14
Article 4Section 4.8Other Leave14
Article 4Section 4.9Holidays14
Article 4Section 4.10Leave of Absence without Pay15
Article 4Section 4.11Benefits Eligibility15
Article 5N/ASalary and Hourly Wage Rate Schedules (PDF) (Article 5 combined, 1 page)15
Article 5N/AGeneral Employee Pay Scale (PDF)16
Article 5N/AExecutive Pay Scale (PDF)17
Article 5N/APublic Safety Employee Pay Scale (PDF)18