Workers' Compensation

Any employer who has three or more regular employees is required to furnish workers' compensation insurance coverage, at no cost to the employees. The insurance may be purchased through a private insurance company or the employer can apply to the Workers' Compensation Commission to be self-insured.

Virginia Workers' Compensation Commission
281 Independence Boulevard Number 600
Virginia Beach, VA 23462
Phone: 757-552-1117
Virginia Workers' Compensation Commission website

Zoning Requirements

The City of Chesapeake's Zoning Ordinance allows businesses of various kinds to be located in some areas, but not in others. Special use permits are required for certain businesses, and there are many areas in which no businesses of any kind are allowed. If you have any doubts at all whether the Zoning Ordinance allows you to operate your business where you plan to operate it, contact the Department of Development and Permits - Zoning Administration. If you work out of your residence, you may qualify for a home occupation permit.

Department of Development and Permits, Zoning Administration
P.O. Box 15225
Chesapeake, VA 23328
Phone: 757-382-8454
Department of Development and Permits, Zoning Administration website