Administrative Regulations

Effective DateNumberTitle
01-18-051.01City Manager's Office: Internal Dissemination of City Records Policy
01-13-151.03City Manager's Office: Naming of City Facilities
03-16-171.04City Manager's Office: City Procedures for Unattended Children on City Property
01-28-151.05City Manager's Office: Procedure for Handling Council Inquiries
10-01-171.06City Manager's Office: Safety – City Safety Equipment Policy
10-30-191.08City Manager's Office: Virginia Freedom of Information Act – Public Records
FOIA Guidelines & Procedures
06-16-041.09Finance: Garnishment Policy
10-01-041.10Information Technology: Voice Mail
12-22-141.13Information Technology: Electronic Data Resources Acceptable Use Policy
04-14-141.16Finance: Official Travel Regulations
04-14-141.17Finance: City Credit Card Policy and Procedures
10-11-111.18Finance: IRS "$3 Per Day Commuting Rule"
03-19-051.19Finance: City-wide Safety Program Policy – Loss Control Policy
12-22-211.20City Manager's Office: City Driving Standards
Guide to City Driving Standards Policy
Driving Standards Agreement
01-28-151.21City Manager's Office: Fraud, Waste or Abuse Policy
08-06-071.22City Manager's Employee Crime Victim's Policy for Reimbursement
09-05-081.23City Manager's Office: Chesapeake Purchase Card (P-Card) Policy
02-07-141.26Information Technology: Development and Delivery of Official City of Chesapeake Information on the Internet
05-24-101.27City Manager's Office: Identity Theft Protection Program
06-23-111.28City Manager's Office: Red Light Photo Enforcement Violations Policy
03-02-111.29City Manager's Office: Facilitating Procurement Opportunities for Small Businesses and Businesses Owned by Women, Minorities, and Service Disabled Veterans
03-04-141.30Public Communication: Chesapeake Alert – Emergency Notification/Citizen Information/Employee Notification System
01-04-121.31City Manager: Guidelines for Municipal Sponsorship Opportunities
03-01-131.32Information Technology: Personal Cellular Telephone and Smartphone Stipend Program
07-01-151.33City Manager: Authority to Apply for Grant Policy
05-23-002.01Procurement: Solicitation of Donations
Solicitation Request Form
07-01-172.02Human Resources: Access to Personnel Files
03-18-212.04Human Resources: Temporary Restrictive Duty Policy
Temporary Restrictive Duty Policy Guide - Applying for TRD
03-23-212.07Human Resources: Grievance Policy and Procedure
04-01-212.09Human Resources: Equal Employment Opportunity Policy
Guide to Filing an EEO Complaint
11-17-222.10Human Resources: Performance Assessment Policy
Guide to Performance Assessment Process
12-22-202.11Human Resources: Disciplinary Policy
City Directive 2.11 Supplement Guide to Disciplinary Process and Procedure
12-22-202.16Human Resources: Occupational Health Policy
Guide to Occupational Health Policy
8-8-20232.17Human Resources: Reduction-in-Force Policy
10-30-192.19Finance/Risk Management: Worker's Compensation Supplemental Benefits for Certain Disabled Employees
01-05-212.20Human Resources: Retiree and Line of Duty Death or Disability, Health and Dental Insurance Benefits
Guide to Processing Retiree and Line of Duty Benefits
05-23-172.23Human Resources: Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) Policy
05-26-232.24Human Resources: Tuition and Skills Development Reimbursement and GED Advancement Policy
11-20-202.36Human Resources: Recognition and Rewards Program
06-10-102.38Human Resources: Acceptable Business Attire for Non-Uniform Employees
06-05-232.41Human Resources: Recruitment and Selection Policy
Recruitment and Selection Guide
10-01-182.43Human Resources: Employee Assistance Program
08-24-212.44Human Resources: Substance Abuse Policy
05-01-182.45Human Resources: Employee Communications Committee
09-28-012.46Human Resources: Workplace Violence Prevention
11-09-042.47Human Resources: Employee Training and Repayment Policy
07-29-202.52Human Resources: Criminal History Record Check Policy
Guide to Criminal History Record Check Procedure
10-20-232.53Human Resources: Benefits Policy for Eligible Employees
Leave Incentive Options for Full-Time Employees
06-05-232.54Human Resources: Pay Provisions Policy
List of Authorized On-Call Job Classifications
06-05-232.55Human Resources: Workplace Flexibility Policy
Guide to Workplace Flexibility Process
Telework Agreement and Assignment Form
03-01-162.56Human Resources: Classification Policy
07-19-102.57Human Resources: Operating Hours and Standard Work Policies
08-01-222.58Human Resources: Supplemental Staffing Policy
03-30-202.59Human Resources: City Closure Policy
05-01-192.60Human Resources: Merit Pay Policy
03-01-172.62Human Resources: City of Chesapeake Employee/Retiree Group Health Plan: HIPAA and HITECH Act Compliance
05-23-172.63Human Resources: Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Policy and Procedure
02-07-143.01Parks and Recreation: Establishing Dates for Events and Activities
07-28-043.02Public Communications: Closing of City Offices Due to Inclement Weather or Other Unusual Circumstances
09-22-053.04Public Communications: Disseminating Information to Public and News Media
05-03-053.05Public Communications: Standardized Identity Program
08-10-093.06Public Communications: Videotape Copying Policy
01-16-143.07City Clerk's Office: Records Management Program
11-10-994.01General Services: Procurement of Professional Services
09-13-044.02Public Works: Free Use of Chesapeake Expressway
08-01-944.04General Services: Use or Appropriation of City-Owned Property for Personal Convenience or Profit
01-01-824.09General Services: Service Maintenance Costs
06-11-824.10General Services: City Buildings – Maintenance, Repair, Alterations
04-21-054.11Public Works: Acquiring Property Rights for the City of Chesapeake
07-01-054.12General Services: Delegation of Procurement Authority totaling $4,999.99 or less per transaction
12-21-184.13Purchasing: Small Purchase Policy
07-10-034.14Public Works: Facility/Waste Reduction/Disposal
12-09-144.15Development and Permits: Plan Review Fee Reductions
01-05-104.16Public Works: Procedure for Selling City-owned Surplus Real Estate
08-16-224.17Public Works, Development and Permits, and Public Utilities: Procedure for Vacating Public Easements, Rights-of-Way or Public Streets
08-21-124.18Public Works: Sustainable Construction
09-25-084.19Department of General Services: Environmentally Preferable Purchasing Policy – Office Paper
03-31-174.21Central Fleet Management: Customer's Handbook
07-06-045.01Fire: Portable Fire Extinguishers
02-10-145.04Fire: Bomb Threat
02-19-165.05Planning: Management and Disposition of Property Acquired through Open Space and Military Encroachment Programs
04-05-235.06Fire: Workplace Emergency Preparedness and Response Policy