City Council Members

Chesapeake's Mayor and City Council members are elected "at large" by Chesapeake citizens. Effective July 1, 2021, elections are held in November every two years.

The terms of Vice Mayor John de Triquet and Council Members C. Jeff Bunn, Amanda L. Newins, Ella P. Ward, and Daniel W. Whitaker will expire in 2026.

The terms of Mayor Richard W. "Rick" West and Council Members Don J. Carey III, Robert C. Ike, Jr., and S.Z. "Debbie" Ritter will expire in 2024. 

  1. Rick West

    Dr. Richard W. "Rick" West


  1. John de Triquet

    John de Triquet

    Vice Mayor

  1. Council Member C. Jeff Bunn

    C. Jeff Bunn

    Council Member

  1. Don Carey

    Don J. Carey III

    Council Member

  1. Robert Ike

    Robert C. Ike, Jr.

    Council Member

  1. Council Member Amanda L. Newins

    Amanda L. Newins

    Council Member

  1. Debbie Ritter

    S.Z. "Debbie" Ritter

    Council Member

  1. Ella Ward

    Dr. Ella P. Ward

    Council Member

  1. Council Member Daniel W. Whitaker

    Daniel W. Whitaker

    Council Member