Keeping Livestock Ordinance Amendments

Cows Grazing in a FieldOn June 27, 2017, City Council approved a Resolution (PDF) that directs the Planning Commission to consider and make recommendations concerning proposed amendments to Articles 3, 6, 10, and 14 of the Chesapeake Zoning Ordinance to clarify and correct provisions related to the keeping of livestock on residential properties in the A-1, Agricultural District and the RE-1, Residential Estate District.

Staff worked closely with stakeholder groups, including the Chesapeake Small Farmers Coalition, Agricultural Advisory Commission, and the local chapter of the Virginia Farm Bureau Federation to ensure the proposed ordinance reflects the needs of the agricultural community.

On February 20, 2018, City Council adopted an ordinance that removed zoning regulations concerning the quantity of livestock allowed in the A-1 zoning district. Properties within the RE-1 zoning district are permitted to keep livestock in accordance with the animal units permitted on a particular property.

If you have any questions regarding this effort, please contact the Planning Department at 757-382-6176 or send an email Planning Department.