Working the Polls

Come Join the Team

The Chesapeake Electoral Board is looking for civic-minded individuals who wish to serve as Officers of Election. An Officer of Election serves as a poll worker on Election Day in one of the 64 precincts in Chesapeake.

We Need Poll Workers

Poll workers are always in need, but especially in the Western Branch, Deep Creek, and South Norfolk areas of the City.

An Officer of Election:

  • Works at a precinct close to their home.
  • Helps prepare the polling place for voting by setting up voting equipment, posting signs, etc.
  • Aids citizens in the voting process by verifying voter information, distributing ballots, demonstrating voting equipment, etc.
  • Helps close the polling place by dismantling equipment, assisting Chief Officer in reporting voting results, etc.

Officers of Election work from 5 a.m. until the poll closes (after clean up and recording the results, approximately 8 p.m.) and are compensated for their service:

  • $240 for working on Election Day
  • $25 for attending a training class

If you would like to serve as an Officer of Election, please complete this interest form. The Election Official Coordinator will contact you concerning orientation and be able to answer any questions you may have.