City Council Priority Projects

As Chesapeake continues to define its goals for the future, the City Council has identified a number of projects and initiatives as priority items (PDF). The following list illustrates the funding status for these items.

Fully Programmed or Funded Projects

These projects are considered "fully programed" (had total project costs programmed) or "fully funded" in the Fiscal Year (FY) 2024 to FY 2028 Capital Improvement Plan:

  • Public Safety Training Facility
  • Chesapeake Connects Capital and Operating Costs
  • Public Works/Public Utilities Facilities Replacement
  • Technology Infrastructure
  • Sworn Law Enforcement Officer Retention
  • Public Safety Pay Compensation
  • General Workforce Pay Competitiveness
  • Enhanced Stormwater Maintenance
  • Making Great Places
  • Community Pool

Partially Programmed or Funded Projects

This second set of projects is considered "Partially Programmed". While some progress was made in these areas in the current Operating Budget and Capital Improvement Plan, additional resources are required to move these projects or initiatives to the fully programed or funded category.

  • Road Maintenance
  • City Facilities, Space Needs, and Security
  • Adult Detention
  • Juvenile Detention
  • Site Readiness
  • Strategic Land Acquisition

Minimally Funded or Unfunded Projects

The remaining projects and initiatives are either "minimally funded" or "unfunded" as no additional resources were committed to these areas in the FY 2024 budget:

  • Funding Request from Hospice House
  • Funding Request from Great Bridge Battlefield and Waterways Museum
  • Convocation Center
  • Aquatics Center
  • Performing Arts Center