Mission Statement

Graphic of Strategic Anchors and Desired Outcomes


Chesapeake will be economically strong, culturally diverse, and environmentally responsible, with a quality of life that defines our city as an exceptional place to live, learn, work, farm, and play. As the City continues to grow, it will be a progressive and well-connected community of treasured rural areas, vibrant residential neighborhoods, and thriving commercial and industrial centers. Moving forward, we will build on our strengths to create an unparalleled city that meets our full potential. 

Strategic Anchors

City Council designated three Strategic Anchors and five Desired Outcomes which are to be utilized in making decisions, evaluating projects, and seeking opportunities to shape the City’s future.

Strategic Anchor #1

We help make Chesapeake an exceptional place to live, learn, work, farm, and play.

Strategic Anchor #2

We provide outstanding services to council, our community, our customers, and each other.

Strategic Anchor #3

We will be fiscally responsible and sustainable.

Desired Outcomes

  • Economic Prosperity
  • Connectivity
  • Cultural Diversity
  • Environmental Responsibility
  • Safety and Security

Our Values - The City That Cares

All City employees incorporate the following Customer CARES Standards into their daily work:


Making our customers feel welcome, appreciated, and respected.


Enhancing our ability to identify the needs and concerns of our customers.


Acting upon our customers’ needs and providing follow-up in a timely manner.


Possessing the knowledge, resourcefulness, creativity, and integrity to our address customers’ needs.


Demonstrating a commitment to public service, to the safety of ourselves, our coworkers, and our community, and to being good stewards of our financial and environmental resources.