Department Audits & Special Audits

Department Audits

Audit TypeReport Date
EMS (Fire) - 133 (PDF)Audit2023 May

 Economic Development - 131 (PDF)

 Audit2021, September 

 CIBH - redacted - 130 (PDF)

 Audit2021, September 

 CARES Act - 129 (PDF)

 Special2020, December

Police - 126 (PDF)

 Audit2020, October

 Central Fleet Management - 127 (PDF)

Audit 2020, October

 Small Purchase Policy - 128 (PDF)

 Special Audit2020, October

Selective Hiring and Competitiveness Issues - 125 (PDF)

Special Audit2020, March

 Human Services - 124 (PDF)


 2019, August

 Parks Recreation and Tourism - 123 (PDF)


 2019, August

 Payroll Cycle - 122 (PDF)

 Special Audit

 2019, April

 Public Works - 113 (PDF)


 2018, December

Citywide Succession Planning - 117 (PDF)

Special Audit 

 2018, May

Development and Permits - 112 (PDF)Audit

 2017, July

Public Library - 111 (PDF)Audit

 2017, July

 City Clerk Revenues (PDF)

Special Audit 2017, March
 Public Procurement Transition Issues (PDF)Special Audit2017, March
Traffic and Drainage Pro Rata (PDF)Special Audit 2017, March
Information Technology (PDF)Audit2016, August
Public Utilities (PDF)Audit2016, August
Citywide Overtime Practices (PDF)Special Audit2016, August
Citywide Grants (PDF)Special Audit2016, August
Fire (PDF)Audit2015, July
CIBH (PDF)Audit2015, July
Capital Project Management Practices (PDF)Special Audit2015, July
Police Department (PDF)Audit2014, September
Sheriff's Department (PDF)Audit2014, September
Citywide Munis Kronos (PDF)Special Audit2014, June
Parks and Recreation (PDF)Audit2013, June
Human Services (PDF)Audit2013, June
Temporary Inmate Housing Finding – Excerpt From PW Audit (PDF)Excerpt PW Audit2012, August
Public Works (PDF)Audit2012, August
Public Works Preliminary Finding (PDF)Preliminary2012, June
Economic Development (PDF)Audit2011, July
Central Fleet (PDF)Audit2011, March
American Recovery and Reinvestment Act – through 2010 (PDF)Special Audit2011, March
Public Procurement Department (PDF)Audit2010, June
Libraries (PDF)Audit2010, June
Control Impact on Staff Reduction (PDF)Special Audit2010, March
American Recovery and Reinvestment Act Quality Control (PDF)Special Audit2010, March
Public Utilities Department (PDF)Audit2009, June
Neighborhood Services Department (PDF)Audit2009, June
Sheriff’s Department (PDF)Audit2008, October
Fire Department (PDF)Audit2008, May
Fair Labor Standards Act (PDF)Special Audit2007, June
Emergency Communications (PDF)Special Audit2007, June
Parks and Recreation (PDF)Audit2007, March
Purchase Order Limits (PDF)Special Audit2006, August
Citywide Credit Cards (PDF)Special Audit2006, August
Police Department (PDF)Audit2006, May
Human Services (PDF)Audit2005, September
Community Services Board (PDF)Audit2005, September
Mosquito Control Commission (PDF)Audit2005, March