LEPCs Are Required to 

Appoint a chairperson, and establish rules by which the committee shall function.

Note: Rules shall include provisions for public notification of committee activities, public meetings to discuss the emergency plan, public comments, response to such comments by the committee, and distribution of the plan.

  • Establish procedures for receiving and processing requests from the public for information under Section 324, including Tier II information under Section 312. Such procedures shall include the designation of an official to serve as coordinator for information.
  • Complete preparation of an emergency plan and review the plan at least once a year
  • Evaluate the need for resources necessary to develop, implement, and exercise the emergency plan, and shall make recommendations with respect to additional resources that may be required, as well as the means for providing such additional resources.
  • Submit a copy of the emergency plan to the State Emergency Response Commission (SERC)
  • Upon request by any person, make available a safety data sheet to that person in accordance with Section 324.
  • Respond to a request for Tier II information under this paragraph no later than 45 days after the date of receipt of the request.
  • Make available to the general public each emergency response plan, safety data sheet, chemical list described in Section 31 1(a)(2), inventory form, toxic chemical release form, and follow-up emergency notice.
  • Annually publish a notice in local newspapers that the emergency response plan, safety data sheets, and inventory forms have been submitted
  • May commence a civil action against an owner or operator of a subject facility for failure to provide information under Section 303(d) or for failure to submit Tier II information under Section 312(e)(l). (Section 326(a)(2)(B))
  • Notify the State Emergency Response Commission of nominations. for changes in the makeup of the LEPC. Nominations must be submitted in written form to the county judge; and, shall notify the SERC of address changes for the LEPC chairperson.

Reference is Public Law 99-499, passed by the 99th Congress, October 17, 1986, and is intended to be used as a guideline by Local Emergency Planning Committees. The complete Act should be used by the LEPC when making decisions regarding actions of the LEPC. The Federal Register and other appropriate documents should be referenced by the LEPC to stay up-to-date on changes since the enactment of the law and on future changes to the law.