9 / 11 Memorial at Chesapeake City Park

Preserving History

Even as fires burned and first responders searched the wreckage desperate to find survivors, remnants of the fall Twin Towers emerged as poignant, historic artifacts of the day that changed America forever. It became apparent that without decisive action, these pieces of history might be permanently lost. What began as a loosely coordinated effort in the weeks after 9/11 steadily became a formal mission to protect the physical remains of the buildings.

In 2006 the 9/11 WTC Steel Program began. The sacred steel that survived the horrific terrorist attacks would become a source of national healing when distributed among organizations to be used in memorials.

The Port Authority expected to receive about 200 requests, but instead received applications from about 2,500 police and fire departments, schools, museums, civic organizations, cities, towns, U.S. military units and nonprofit groups. The City of Chesapeake was chosen to receive a piece of the steel.

Chesapeake 9/11 Memorial

With the help of then Undersheriff Jim O'Sullivan, his entire department, and Givens Trucking, they returned to Chesapeake from New York in August 2011 with a 5.5-ton section of beam and a block of limestone from the Pentagon. Not long after, the City was given a fieldstone from the Flight 93 crash site in Shanksville, Pennsylvania.

The Chesapeake 9/11 Memorial is located near the main entrance to Chesapeake City Park. Visitors can view the 5.5-ton steel beam from the World Trade Center displayed on concrete rubble, symbolic of Ground Zero. The beam sits inside a black, wrought iron fence in the shape of a pentagon. The additional artifacts from the Pentagon and Shanksville, PA are displayed nearby in the Chesapeake Parks, Recreation and Tourism Visitor Center lobby at 1224 Progressive Drive.

An annual 9/11 Day of Remembrance commemoration ceremony is held in the park each September 11th to remember those who perished on 9/11, to honor those who rose in service to assist in the search and recovery efforts, and to pay tribute to those who protect and defend our country in the ongoing war against terrorism.

9-11 Crowd and Flag

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