Interns & Volunteers

At Chesapeake Integrated Behavioral Healthcare you will find a valuable service delivered by a capable and creative team. We invite you to join our organization as an intern or volunteer to share our important mission of helping the citizens of Chesapeake optimize their quality of life by providing exceptional services to those whose lives are affected by mental illness, intellectual disability, substance abuse, or developmental difficulties.

As an intern you will be assigned to an area where the experience you gain and the supervision you receive will meet your educational requirements. Most students are bachelor's or master's candidates in Human Services, Psychology, Social Work or another closely related field. Regardless of your major, we invite you to contact us to see if Chesapeake Integrated Behavioral Healthcare will be a good fit for you.

As a volunteer your assignment will be according to your skills, interests, availability and training. Our volunteers provide much-needed assistance to our staff and are valued as members of our team.

Also, in conjunction with the local courts, Chesapeake Integrated Behavioral Healthcare can provide opportunities for persons mandated to perform community service.

For more information call Brian Lewis at 757-547-9334.