Volvo Parkway Sidewalk Extension Project

Project Video Presentation

Project Description

This project will extend and connect sidewalks along both sides of Volvo Parkway between Crossways Boulevard (Volvo Penta Drive) and Sam's Drive, including across the train tracks to provide pedestrian connectivity. The proposed sidewalk will begin at the existing sidewalk near the corner of Crossways Boulevard. The westbound sidewalk (toward Battlefield Boulevard) will be five feet wide and will continue along Volvo Parkway crossing the railroad tracks adjacent to the Chesapeake Police 5th Precinct.

Coordination with the railroad is underway to get the required approvals and permits to extend the sidewalk within the railroad right-of-way. The sidewalk will continue along Volvo Parkway to the west. Connections to existing sidewalk are proposed within this project scope. Utility relocations, grading, and landscaping adjustments will be necessary.

A second sidewalk along eastbound Volvo Parkway (toward Greenbrier Parkway) will connect the existing sidewalk across the railroad tracks headed eastbound. The new eastbound sidewalk will be eight feet wide, and connect to the existing sidewalk at Crossways Boulevard. In addition to the sidewalk improvements, the at-grade roadway crossings along Volvo Parkway at the railroad tracks will be improved in each direction.

The timeline may shift to accommodate the relocation of features. The railroad crossing will likely be completed toward the end of project construction.

Project Diagram

Volvo Sidewalk Map (PNG)

Project Schedule:

Project Design Start: Summer 2018

Project Design Completion: Fall 2023

Project Budget

The project budget will cover engineering, land acquisition and construction costs. Project costs are preliminary and subject to change depending on final design features, inflation, utility relocation and easement acquisition costs.

Budget: $1.3 million