Poindexter Street Sidewalk Extension Project

Project Diagram

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Project Description

The Poindexter Street Sidewalk Extension Project area is currently a four-lane divided roadway which links the South Norfolk Jordan Bridge and entrance to Elizabeth River Park to Bainbridge Boulevard via the Interstate 464 Overpass. Currently, there are no sidewalks or dedicated pedestrian facilities, so pedestrians must navigate along the shoulder of the roadway and utilize footpaths along the side of the road which are not compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

The purpose of this project is to provide safe pedestrian facilities on Poindexter Street from Bainbridge Boulevard, across the Interstate 464 Overpass to the connecting sidewalk at the South Norfolk Jordan Bridge. Improvements along Poindexter Street will include lighting and bridge modifications to accommodate the new sidewalk.

Project Budget

The project budget Includes engineering, land acquisition and construction funding.

Budget: $2.4 million


The sidewalk and bridge improvements will require some property acquisition for easement purposes. Currently there is one parcel affected by the project. Prior to the right-of-way acquisition process and construction, all required easements will be shown on the plans.