Elbow Road Widening Phase II

Project Description

To improve safety along Elbow Road, the City has developed project plans in three phases. The recently completed Phase I project provided safety improvements that included the realignment of two curves, widened travel lanes, and shoulders, and relocated outfall ditches at key locations. The Elbow Road Phase II project is a continuation of the Phase I improvements and will provide a two-lane widening of Elbow Road from the western terminus of the Phase I project (approximately ¾ mile east of Centerville Turnpike) to the eastern terminus of the Phase I project (approximately 1,500 feet west of the city line with Virginia Beach).

Phase III, a currently unfunded future project, will involve widening the roadway to a four-lane divided facility. The City also has a separate project scheduled that will replace the existing two-lane bridge over the Stumpy Lake spillway with a new elevated two-lane bridge structure. The average daily traffic (ADT) volume along the project corridor of Elbow Road is approximately 8,300 vehicles per day. The traffic projection for 2040 along the corridor is expected to grow to 14,000 vehicles per day. This project will provide additional capacity and enhance safety along the corridor by providing lane width and shoulder improvements through the project corridor.

The project limits along Elbow Road are from ¾ mile east of Centerville Turnpike to 1,500 feet west of the city line with Virginia Beach. The project improvements consist of two 12-foot wide lanes with paved shoulders and provide for stormwater (ditch) improvements. Additionally, right-of-way will be acquired as part of this project in preparation for the ultimate goal of constructing a four-lane divided roadway.

The project design includes constructing a new eastbound travel lane to the south and separate from the existing roadway alignment. The new eastbound travel lane would be constructed in the footprint of the future four-lane roadway section, thereby minimizing reconstruction requirements and soil disturbance in the future.

This design allows for widened travel lanes and shoulders in both the east and westbound directions, thereby providing safety improvements along the corridor. This design also allows for construction of the new improvements with minimal disruptions to existing traffic. An eight-foot eastbound paved shoulder is being provided for bicycles.

The City plans to acquire the right-of-way for the ultimate four-lane roadway section. This design results in higher upfront construction costs due to a larger pavement section and initial project footprint. However, these improvements would require minimal modification in the future for the ultimate four-lane widening.

Project Diagrams

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Project Overview

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Typical Sections

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60% Plans 

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Anticipated Schedule

Design Completion: Spring 2024

Project Budget

The project budget will cover engineering, land acquisition, utility relocation, and construction costs. Project costs are preliminary and subject to change depending on final design features, inflation, utility relocation, and easement acquisition costs.

Budget: $23 million


Improvements will require acquisition of right-of-way along the corridor. Currently, there are 28 parcels affected by the project. Prior to the acquisition process and construction, all required right-of-way and easements will be clearly identified on the construction plans and reviewed with the affected property owners. Right-of-Way acquisition planned to start December 2023.