Deep Creek Right Turn Lanes

Project Description:

This project will provide for:

A) the addition of new right turn lanes in the Deep Creek Area, including the addition of new right turn lanes in both directions along S Military Highway at the Interstate 64 (I-64) interchange (see a map of this I-64 interchange location).

B) the addition of a new right-turn lane along the westbound lanes of Moses Grandy Trail at Terwillinger Road, with associated drainage system improvements (see a map of this Moses Grandy Trail location).

The S Military Highway portions of the project is delayed due to the VA Department of Transportation (VDOT) I-64 project. Design will be completed in-house. The Moses Grandy Trail portion of the project is under review for construction via annual services contract.

Project Schedule:

Project Design Start: Spring 2022

Project Design Completion: Fall 2023

Project Budget:

Project Budget: $338,000

Right Turn Lanes Deep Creek Area