Chesapeake Integrated Behavioral Healthcare (CIBH)

Emergency and crisis services are available 24 hours per day. Call 757-548-7000 for assistance or 988 to reach the national suicide and crisis hotline.

About Us

Our mission: Partnering with individuals, families, and the community in pursuit of healthier, fulfilling lives.

Our vision: CIBH envisions a world where people are celebrated for their differences and supported on their wellness journey.

Our core value is to maintain a culture of caring through:

  • Teamwork - be resourceful and collaborate to optimize services
  • Respect - treat people with dignity; provide culturally competent care
  • Ethical service - act with integrity
  • Accountability - accept responsibility
  • Transparency - share information and communicate openly

Chesapeake Integrated Behavioral Healthcare (CIBH) offers an array of services and supports to meet the behavioral health needs of our community. From developmental services for infants to children and adults struggling with anxiety, depression or drug addiction, no matter your situation, we are here for you. Call 757-547-9334 Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., and let us know how we can help. 

At this time, we are only accepting Chesapeake residents. Please call our Same Day Access team for more information at 757-819-6369.

How to get started

Are you or someone you love struggling with heroin or other opiate addiction? We have addiction resources for you.

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