In order to control the flow of animals coming into the shelter, CAS asks citizens to make an appointment to surrender their pets. An appointment can be made by calling 757-382-8080 opt 1 during business hours. You must have proof of Chesapeake residency to surrender. There is no cost to surrender your pet.

If the situation is emergent, please call and speak to staff so we can best assist.

CAS is an open admission shelter and cannot guarantee that a surrendered animal will be adopted. We must take into consideration all observations of an animal's health and temperament to decide on adoptability. Please check our resource page for other avenues of rehoming your pet.

Note: Due to the fact that we do not have housing for livestock, we accept livestock surrenders on a case by case basis. 

Surrender Pick Up

CAS does offer a service to pick up an animal at your home, but depending on staffing and emergency calls, surrender is a low priority. There is also a $25 pickup fee, per animal or litter, and any disposal fees for euthanasia are added if that service is requested.

It is preferred that these surrenders are requested during the weekday when staffing is optimum.