About Boards & Commissions

Boards & Commissions (Authorities & Committees)

Chesapeake authorities, boards, commissions, and committees are established to advise the City Council and/or to seek public input on a variety of issues in the community. The City's boards and commissions range in purpose from the cultivation of cultural awareness to charting the City's growth and development.

There are approximately 50 boards, commissions, and authorities with more than 500 members appointed by the Mayor and City Council.


Boards, commissions, committees, and authorities are comprised of city officials and citizens who reside in the City of Chesapeake. Some citizens are designated to represent a particular area of expertise or organization (i.e. engineer, attorney, Humane Society, civic organization).

The City Clerk's Office maintains a roster of members and their terms of appointment.


There are two types of vacancies - terms expiration and resignations.

Term Expiration

Council is provided with an Appointment Schedule that indicates the normal term expiration of all boards, commissions, committees, and authorities for the coming year and when those appointments will be made. Appointments are considered two months prior to the normal term expiration date to allow for advertising and the possibility of continuances. (Example: terms expiring in June are submitted in Council's package for appointments to be considered at the last meeting in April.)


Resignations are submitted to Council for acceptance at the first and last meetings of the month. The vacancy is advertised during the next month and the appointment scheduled for the following month. (Example: An appointment resignation in April is advertised in May and submitted to Council in the June package.)

Vacancy Notifications

The Office of the City Clerk advertises vacancies through press releases, on the City's official webpage, and through the City's Cable Station - Chesapeake Television electronic bulletin board.


Appointments to boards, commissions, committees, and authorities are considered on the fourth Tuesday of each month at the City Council meeting, except August, November, and December.

Certain boards, commissions, committees, or authorities require interviews with City Council prior to appointment. Those entities are: Airport Authority, Chesapeake Bay Preservation Area Board, Chesapeake Hospital Authority, Chesapeake Redevelopment and Housing Authority, Economic Development Authority, Planning Commission, and South Norfolk Revitalization Commission.