Chesapeake Community Criminal Justice Board


  • 4 p.m.
  • Meets Quarterly
  • Public Safety Operations Center

    2130 S Military Highway


The Chesapeake Community Criminal Justice Board shall have the authority and responsibilities to advise on the development and operation of local pretrial services and community-based probation programs and services pursuant to Code of Virginia for use by the courts in diverting offenders from local correctional facility placements; assist community agencies and organizations in establishing an modifying programs and services for offenders on the basis of an objective assessment of the community's needs and resources; review the submission of all criminal justice grants regardless of the source of funding; facilitate local involvement and flexibility in responding to the problem of crime in their communities.

Pursuant to article 53.1-183 of the Code of Virginia, the City of Chesapeake has established a Community Criminal Justice Board (CCJB) to provide for the purchase, development and operation of community-based programs for use by the Courts in diverting offenders from the local jail. The CCJB assists community agencies and programs in evaluating and monitoring community programs. The CCJB is statutorily granted a wide range of authority under the Comprehensive Community Corrections Act. The Board consists of nineteen members appointed by City Council. The intent of this board is for significant members of local government and the criminal justice system to meet regularly to deliberate matters and facilitate the provision of coordinated criminal justice services for the City of Chesapeake.