ULV Spraying

ULV Spraying / Night Time Spraying

ULV stands for Ultra-Low Volume, referring to the volume of insecticide released from the mosquito trucks. All the mosquito control machines are calibrated, and spray droplets are microns in size targeting mosquitoes on the wing or "flying". The amount of mosquito insecticides released from the ULV machines is not harmful to humans or pets. Although, people with respiratory conditions may want to avoid exposure by staying inside when spraying is occurring. Nighttime spraying is practiced to greatly reduce the risk of exposure to beneficial insects, particularly bees and other pollinators. The mosquito control vehicle's slow-moving, flashing light and unique sound are easily seen and identified at night.

Where to spray is determined by surveillance of adult mosquito populations, mosquito-borne disease activity (West Nile Virus and/or Eastern Equine Encephalitis), and observations by mosquito control workers or by citizen complaints. ULV mosquito pesticide breaks down very quickly and is not designed to persist in the environment on any surfaces it may reach. Spraying does not prevent mosquitoes from re-entering the area.

Do Not Spray List

If someone in your household has chemical sensitivities or health concerns and do not want your property sprayed during the nighttime spraying, call Chesapeake Mosquito Control at 757-382-3450 or submit an online request form.

Property Release

If you would like your property included in the driveway adulticiding spray routes, a property release is required. To qualify for a property release, we must come out and inspect the property. At the time of inspection, we will bring a property release form to be filled out.

To request services, call 757-382-3450 or request a service online.