Records, Research & Copies

The Clerk of the Circuit Court by statute maintains a wealth of records and documents that are on file and available for public access. Documents that are not disclosed to the public include adoption files, juvenile matters, and confidential and/or sealed documents.

The Clerk of the Circuit Court is pleased to offer to the internet community, secure and remote access to many of the documents physically maintained in the Clerk's Office. Access to these documents and records is by paid subscription only. Access is also available in the Clerk's Office located at 307 Albemarle Drive, Suite 300A (Third Floor). Copy fees are.50 per page and $2 for certification.

Land Records

View the Secure Remote Access Site. Yearly subscription of $600 per subscriber

Available options include:

  • Deed indexing and imaging data: 1637 to Current
  • Will indexing and imaging data: 1755 to Current
  • Plat indexing and imaging data: 1879 to Current
  • Judgment indexing and imaging data: 1987 to Current
  • Financing statement indexing data: 1998 to Current
  • Other South Norfolk/Norfolk County data: Varies
  • Assumed Names

Record Access

Land Records

Court Remote Access (OCRA)