Payment Methods

Methods of Payments:

  1. New! Pay Online: Pay court costs and fees.
  2. Cash
  3. Personal Checks **see note below
    • Your name and address must be printed on the check
      No starter checks accepted.
    • Address on check must be the same as the address on your identification.
    • Please make checks payable to the Clerk of Circuit Court.
  4. Company Checks from your employer
  5. Money Orders, Cashiers Check and Certified Checks
    • Make payable to the Clerk of the Circuit Court.
  6. Visa, MasterCard, Debit/Check Cards with the Visa or MasterCard logo (see following note)
    (2% convenience fee will be assessed)
    Not accepted for restitution payments.

Note: Personal checks and credit card payments will not be accepted from anyone convicted of any type of fraud, pursuant to 19.2-353.3 of the Code of Virginia (as amended), such as: Check / Credit Card Fraud or Forgery; Embezzlement; Grand Larceny Check / Credit Card; Obtaining Money or Property Under False Pretense.

Other Information

  • Include your case number on payment.
  • If paying by mail, a self-addressed stamped envelope is required if you request a receipt.
  • If your assessed costs include restitution, payments received will be applied to restitution first until satisfied, then the remaining payments received will be applied to the court costs.
  • Pursuant to 19.2-353.3 of the Code of Virginia, payments associated with dishonored checks and credit cards, accounts will be assessed an additional fee of $50.

Penalties for Failure to Comply With Deferred Payment Plans

  • The Court may issue a capias for your arrest.
  • The unpaid amount shall be forwarded to a Collection Attorney.