Driver Safety

Getting behind the wheel is a serious responsibility. Take a moment to learn more about what you can do to keep yourself - and others - safe while driving. For more information, visit the Police Department's Traffic Safety webpage.

Distracted Driving

PutItDownCell phones, music, global positioning system (GPS) devices, passengers. You name it, it distracts you. Driving demands 100% of your focus. Learn the facts, meet the victims and equip yourself with knowledge you can share with others about the dangers of distracted driving: Official U.S. Government Website for Distracted Driving

Work Zone Safety

As the Department of Public Works continues to upgrade and repair City roadways, you may encounter a few work zones in the area. Work zones can create additional driving hazards and request an extra amount of caution.

Follow the VA Department of Transportation (VDOT)'s nine simple steps to driving safely in a work zone: VDOT Work Zone Safety.

Teen Drivers

Traffic crashes are the leading cause of death for teenagers in America. Teens are involved in three times as many fatal crashes as all other drivers. Educating teens and setting a good example is critical to keeping them safe on the road.

Mature Drivers

Years of experience can be very helpful when it comes to driving. However, it's important for our more mature drivers to be vigilant of their abilities and to adjust their driving as necessary.

The DMV has helpful information on how mature drivers can be sure their driving skills are up to par: Virginia DMV Mature Driver Safety.


With the thrill of riding a motorcycle comes an extra batch of responsibilities. Be sure you're ready to handle your bike safely.

Walking & Biking

Visit our Pedestrian Safety page for information on walking and biking in Chesapeake.