Stormwater Education Program

Stormwater Fee 101 - Learn More About the FeePublic Works can provide tips, information and fun giveaways that help educate children about stormwater pollution prevention. The topic is a great compliment to science classes and can also be a way to get children involved in a community service project. has fantastic educational guides you can bring right into your classroom or community group.

Fun Facts for the Kids

Rainbo MascotWatersheds: Chesapeake is made up of several different watersheds. A watershed is a piece of land that water flows across or under on its way to a stream, river or lake. Ever wonder which watershed your school is in? Check out this map (PDF) to find out!

Soil: Did you know that soil is a very important part of our environment? It is a nonrenewable natural resource that we must all do our part to protect! Look at this diagram (PDF) to learn the functions of soil!

Healthy/Unhealthy Water: So how does stormwater pollution really affect our waterways? Polluted stormwater carries too much nitrogen, phosphorous and sediment. These three things, along with many other pollutants, make a real difference in the health of the waterway! Take a look at this diagram (JPG) to see what the pollutants do.