Stormwater Education

Stormwater Fee 101 - Learn More About the FeeAs part of the City's permit with the Commonwealth to manage stormwater, Public Works maintains a public education program to provide information and help educate citizens on stormwater-related issues.

Through in-person presentations to schools, community groups and civic organizations, public displays at local events and informational brochures and pamphlets, Public Works aims to raise awareness of the effects of stormwater pollution and to educate citizens on how they can be part of the solution.

The City of Chesapeake works closely with the regional group of the Hampton Roads Planning District Commission's Environmental Division to raise awareness on stormwater and other environmental issues affecting the region. Through, representatives of the region's major municipalities serve on committees, including one devoted to stormwater, and pool resources to tackle environmental issues.

In 2012, came out with Green Learning Guides, which were distributed to all sixth-grade students in Chesapeake. These guides are supplemental educational tools that fit with SOL requirements. The Guides remain relevant and are available online for everyone to take advantage of.

To arrange for a speaker to discuss stormwater pollution, contact the Public Works Public Information Coordinator at 757-382-6196. Brochures and information are also available.

Get more information on the Public Works Stormwater Management Division.

Learn more about the stormwater in Chesapeake:

  • How to Prevent Stormwater Pollution
  • School Education Program
  • Additional tips on keeping Chesapeake clean

Here's how you can get involved:

  • Become a Bay Star Home
  • Rain Barrel classes
  • Adopt-a-Highway/Adopt-a-Garden
  • Learn more about going green

Have a group we can present to? We have programs appropriate for children and adults. Email the Public Works Public Information Coordinator for details or call 757-382-6196.