Bulk Trash Collection

Bulk Waste & Yard Waste Collection Service Update

  1. The City of Chesapeake resumed normal bulk waste and yard waste collection services on Tuesday, April 12, 2022. Bulk waste collection requests can be made by calling the Customer Contact Center at 757-382-CITY, online, or through the Chesapeake Service Request app.

    Requests must be made no later than the weekday before your normal collection day. It is not necessary to submit a request for bagged yard waste collection. Demand for both bulk and yard waste collections is expected to be high, so brief delays may occur. Items should be placed at the curb no earlier than three days prior to your normal collection day. Once your items have been placed at the curbside, please leave items at the curb until they are collected, which could be after your normal collection day. These requests will once again count towards your 12 collections per year.

    Please be sure to follow bulk and bagged yard waste rules and limitations when placing your items at the curb. Bagged yard waste should go in a 35-gallon clear plastic bag and should only include materials, such as grass clippings and leaves. Bags filled with dirt, soil, sod, clay, rocks, or mulch will not be collected. Large yard waste, including limbs and branches, are treated as bulk waste, and do require a collection request.

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About Bulk Trash Collection

Residents may request bulk collection of limbs and branches as part of standard bulk waste pickups. Residents must request a bulk pickup by calling 757-382-2489. No fencing, construction materials, carpet, refuse wood, roofing materials, wooden pallets or landscaping byproducts will be collected. Residents should place items at the curb for their normal collection day.

Yard waste should be placed in clear 35-gallon bags and placed at the curbside on your normally scheduled collection day. We ask residents to place as much of their yard waste as possible in these bags and place curbside on their normal scheduled collection days.

Residents may request bulk pickups for household debris, appliances, and furniture by calling 757-382-2489.

Residents may also continue to drop off bulk waste at all SPSA Transfer Stations, but should be mindful of hours and restrictions.

Bulk Trash

Bulk trash is oversized waste that is too large to place in your trash container. Bulk trash is separated into household items and yard/tree debris. Bulk trash collection is only available to residents currently being served by the City of Chesapeake Waste Management Division. Collections are made on the same day as regular garbage collections or when schedules permit. Rules and limitations are listed below.

When scheduling your bulk trash collection, you no longer have to differentiate between household and yard/tree bulk trash. You will simply request a Bulk Trash Collection and then note what items need collected (e.g. appliance, mattress, bushes, tree limbs, etc.) All restrictions and limitations will remain the same and you must separate your household bulk trash piles from your yard debris bulk trash piles when you place them at the curb.

As a reminder, the City of Chesapeake does not collect construction debris as part of bulk waste collection, in accordance with Section 62-59 of the City of Chesapeake Code of Ordinances. Construction debris includes building materials, fencing and siding, refuse wood, roofing materials, wooden pallets, landscaping debris, demolition debris, pavement or driveway debris, soil and loam, and other items. Removal should be made by the original contractor, a contracted disposal company, or self-transported to a Southeastern Public Service Authority (SPSA) transfer station or other legal disposal site. The City is required to give 48 hours' notice upon violation of the ordinance. If the violation is not remedied after 48 hours, the City may remove the items and charge the responsible party all costs of removal plus an administrative fee of $100.

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Bulk Waste Violations

The City is required to give 48 hours' notice upon violation of the Solid Waste Ordinance (City Code Chapter 62, amended April 23, 2013). If the violation is not remedied, the City may remove the item and charge the responsible party all costs of removal plus an administrative fee of $100.