Credit Card Payment Guidelines

All credit card transactions are processed through Official Payments Corporation, therefore a convenience fee will be incurred. To help you decide if you wish to make your payment using your credit card, the fee structure is provided.

The Convenience Fee for Real Estate and Personal Property Taxes is 2.4% of the Transaction Amount.

Non-Tax Convenience Fee Schedule: Stormwater Fees, EMS, Parking Tickets, & Miscellaneous Invoices

Size of Transaction
Transaction Fee
$50.00 & Under$1.50
$50.01 to $75.00$2.25
$75.01 to $100.00$2.50
$100.01 to $125.00$3.50
$125.01 to $150.00$4.25
$150.01 to $175.00$5.00
$175.01 to $200.00$5.75
$200.01 to $250.00$6.75
$250.01 to $350.00$9.50
$350.01 to $500.00$13.75
$500.01 to $750.00$20.75
$750.01 to $1,000.00$27.50
Payments over $1,000$27.50 per $1,000, plus an additional transaction fee for remaining balance.

Before you conclude your transaction, you will be given the amount of the convenience fee, the total of your transaction and your confirmation number. Please keep your confirmation number.

Solid Waste payments will incur a $2.00 fee for payments up to $75.00

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